Teresa Matos Correia spent 10 years in a furniture restoration workshop, surrounded by very different objects. These varied in age and type of restoration techniques applied, but they all had a story to tell. Repair, renew and reinvent are activities which can be confused with Teresa’s personality. After taking a course in Textile Production at Antonio Arroyo Artistic School, she went on to work in a furniture restoration workshop with two friends. While rehabilitating old pieces of furniture, customers would end up asking for  her advice. They began with simple issues like where to place a specific object and went on to ask for her help in remodeling small spaces, including counsel on the best materials to use, and so on. From there, interior design seemed the obvious next step. When we asked her to describe herself, she directs us to her elder daughter’s blog saying "there is no one better than our children to describe us''. It was there that we discovered this text: “I have always lived with an interior decorator, and I hated it! There would be something different every day, sofas would be moved from one side of the room to the other, wallpaper didn’t last more than 6 months, our bedrooms reflected our personalities but by no means escaped the fury of change, and from time to time we would get a new wall treatment, paint, wallpaper or whatever, it was not just the layout of the furniture, but something had to change!In the end, like every daughter fears - Surprise Surprise !!! Not only do I work in the decoration industry, as nothing in my house remains in the same place for very long! " Maria Matos/ 2for1 Design & Lifestyle Teresa likes new challenges and embraced the Fusion Project with great enthusiasm. She is Creative Director of Fusion together with Maria Ana Franco. With over 15 years of experience, they are responsible for the area of Interior Design and Decoration. Maria Ana and Teresa’s work is characterized by trendy and eclectic environments where colour is always present, as an element of humour. They believe that ‘‘each space is different and every person unique.” Witha portfolio thatincludesDeutsche Bank, NetJets, the EstorilTourismBoard,ISLA, numerous residential projectsinbuildings like Estoril Sol,ScalaCascais andQuinta da Marinhaandsurrounded bypeople who make a significant contribution to make each projecta success, the Fusionteam is well structured, thoroughand creative. Mother of 3 daughters and grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren, Teresa divides her time between her family and travel. Paris is her preferred city and where she finds the inspiration to put her signature mark on each Fusion Project!