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“A new project is like a blank canvas where I mix creativity with personality and a few strokes of good humour”. Maria Ana Noronha studied interior design after finding her vocation for the Arts at an early age. Inspired by the fashion design house where her mother was Managing Partner, she would visit the textile mills where the colours were tested and selected for the new collections. Later she visited the trade shows which showcased this selection, now completely transformed, and presented as the new trends for the following year. It was the privilege of being able to see what was going to happen before it happened that made her want to take Art & Design at the Artistic School Antonio Arroyo. Here she developed a taste for Art History, in particular in regards to architecture and furniture design. She began travelling at an early age, visiting the, USA, Brazil, Italy and England at a time when they were not yet mass markets and where everything was different and a source of inspiration. If on the one hand she had the creative influence of her mother, her father taught her discipline. The daughter of an economist she quickly realized that organization and accuracy are essential aspects of growth. As a result she has always been very demanding in setting goals and achieving them. Maria Ana accepted the challenge to create FUSION unconditionally and is Creative Director of the design firm, together with Teresa Matos Correia. Together they oversee the company's Interior Design and Decoration department, which they run according to the belief that ‘‘each space is different and every person unique.” With a portfolio that includes Deutsche Bank, NetJets, the Estoril Tourism Board, ISLA, numerous residential projects in buildings like Estoril Sol, Scala Cascais and Quinta da Marinha and surrounded by people who make a significant contribution to make each project a success, the Fusion team is well structured, thorough and creative. Mother of three children, Maria Ana finds in her family a refuge and draws daily inspiration, taking advantage of all the time spent together!